The Briefing > March 19, 2008

Things you need to know about your next favourite girlband

The Saturdays

They’re called The Saturdays.

2. They’re off on tour with Girls Aloud in May. While on tour they will sing some songs, do some dancing and impress the concert-goers who aren’t stuck in traffic / using the loo / purchasing reasonably priced t-shirts.

3. None of that ‘DIY’, ‘new model’ business for this lot: they’re on Polydor, have been ‘on the back burner’ for a while  and will therefore have a lot of money thrown at them. This means nice haircuts, posh frocks  and maybe a promotional frisbee or two.

4. For reasons ‘2’ and ‘3’ mentioned above there will be all sorts of ‘OMG they’re the new Girls Aloud’ mutterings but musically their tracks complement rather than compete with the Girls Aloud sound – The Saturdays’ music sounds modern and fresh but at a point when pop music seems embarrassed to be pop music and spends half its time trying to get into the NME it’s refreshingly unselfconscious. Basically The Saturdays are happy to be a pop group.

5. Their debut single, due in May, is called ‘If This Is Love’ and features (but isn’t based around) a big (but not obvious) 80s sample.

6. You might recognise two of them, Frankie and Rochelle, from another band. The good news for pervs is that due to a few years having passed you are allowed to fancy them now. For the time being we will just refer to the five girls as Monday Saturday, Tuesday Saturday, Wednesday Saturday, Thursday Saturday  and Friday Saturday.  

7. If one of them leaves and is replaced the new member will have to be known as Sunday Saturday and that is official.

8. We like them a lot.

9. If they ever do a Whigfield cover they will be banished from pop IMMEDIATELY.

10. We will show you what they look like when they have had some nice photographs taken.