The Briefing > January 8, 2013

So Duncan Bannatyne’s launching a boyband on his own record label.


Look we know you’re excited but before you watch the video for ‘One In A Million’, and you will never be able to unwatch it, here are ten key points regarding Reconnected:

1. You may recognise them (we didn’t) from appearing on Britain’s Got Talent with a slightly different lineup. In brief, one of them looks like he’s in the band because he’s someone’s son, one of them looks like a competition winner, and one of them looks like he was just in the way when the band was being formed. Weirdly, which member is which seems to change in the video from shot to shot.

2. Duncan is in the video. DUNCAN IS IN THE VIDEO.

3. The chorus is actually pretty good, in a fairly old-fashioned sort of way. The video is actually pretty bad, in a fairly timeless sort of way.

4. We have serious concerns regarding Harry from the band’s eyebrows. Also, sorry Harry but pop’s Harry Quota is full for now, please call again in 18 months.

5. Duncan’s record label is called Bannatyne Music. Amazing.

6. Max, Harry and Matt are aged betweem 14 and 15, which is no excuse.

7. The band have presumably bought themselves onto the Little Mix tour at no little expense and will be supporting ‘The Mix’ during this month and next.

8. The video contains a standard issue pop video ‘nerd’ character, who does not blossom thanks to a makeover, thus violating Rule 9823 of the Pop Rulebook and for that reason we’re out.

The single’s out on March 18 and there’s more if you want it at