The Briefing > August 18, 2011

“She’s appalling”

On the Popjustice forum there is chit and there is chat. Here are some current ‘highlights’.

In the ‘Sugababes – Freedom’ thread, aMusicListener says: “I don’t think ‘Freedom’ is that different from Sweet 7 to be honest. In fact, take the ‘dovestep’ breakdown away and the song could fit perfectly into that album (and it would be the best song on it by far, mind you).” (The ‘dovestep’ mention is a reference to an interview with Yahoo! in which Amelle apparently discussed the single’s “dove step breakdown”. Yahoo! have since changed the quote to reference “Dub Step” so the hilarity is now officially over.)

Over on the ‘Florrie’ thread, Clockworknbovak has decided that “the best thing about Florrie is that she not only makes great music, but she seems to understand what it’s like as a fan of music as well”. A good point well made.

In ‘Frankmusik & Colette Carr – No ID’, comments range from “This song is seriously so addictive to sing. Well done to everyone involved!” (MiChiMadNessS)  to “She’s appalling” (CF69).

Discussing ‘One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful’, Vanity announces that Harry Styles “isn’t even good looking”. They add: “I don’t understand the popularity. Is it the hair?”

And as news of Kelly Clarkson’s new album release becomes official (single October 9, album October 24), forum user rmstitanic has run through various eventualities in the ‘Kelly Clarkson – Stronger [Oct 25]’ thread. “I’m contemplating what I’ll do if “What Doesn’t Kill You” and “I Forgive You” aren’t on the album,” they announce. “It’s not pretty. Regardless of leakage, any eventual Clarkson album track only needs to pass the is-it-better-than-my-worst-ever-album-tracks-“Whyyouwannabringmedown”-and-“I Hate Myself For Losing You” test. Considering the fact that these songs are better than the quite-good “Walk Away” and “If I Can’t Have You,” excluding them will make me more upset than is reasonable and I just don’t want that to happen.” ARE YOU LISTENING, CLARKO?