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2014azIn 2013, Icona Pop had an international smash hit with ‘I Love It’. The single went Top 10 around the world, including the US where it went double platinum. When the single went to Number One in the UK we wrote a lengthyish post detailing the song’s 28-step path to glory: in short, the song’s success was down to a certain amount of planning, with quite a few happy accidents along the way.

What did the band do in 2014?

Well, most significantly, they had a great single called ‘Get Lost’. There were a few things wrong with it but there was plenty right with it – not least the storming chorus.

The single got to Number 58 in Sweden and doesn’t appear to have charted anywhere else at all. (It was even released in the UK, not that anybody noticed.) The duo have been playing live dates during 2014, but beyond ‘Get Lost’ their main contribution to the world’s chart landscape seems to have been a collaboration with Cobra Starship that barely dented the Australian Top 70.

As 2014 draws to a close Icona Pop are in a tricky position: they’re clearly keeping themselves busy in a variety of worldwide locations, but pop’s all about momentum. Have the duo achieved anything in the last twelve months that would justify a similarly busy 2015, or 2016?

Perhaps they are about to unleash a massive beast of a single. But ‘Get Lost’ was quite a bit of a beast, and the band’s label clearly saw no point in pushing it internationally. Why not? Did the label view Icona Pop as a one hit wonder, or a novelty act? Was the band’s international release pattern in the wake of ‘I Love It’ – with various different tracks of varying quality apparently being ‘the next single’ in various different territories – so messy that nobody knew how to move forward? Did they try, in the wake of ‘I Love It’, to crowbar themselves so far into the world of EDM that they sacrificed the outsiderish charm that made such sense to their early supporters? Or is it simply the case that Charli XCX absorbed so much of ‘I Love It”s momentum that there was none left for Icona Pop?

Look, maybe 2014 has been a brilliant year for Icona Pop and maybe everything’s gone exactly to plan and maybe they wouldn’t change a thing. Even if that’s not the case, maybe 2015 will still be the year in which they deliver the follow-up album their brilliant debut definitely deserves. Maybe they’ve already recorded a megabanger so immense that it will make ‘I Love It’ sound like a Rixton b-side. Either way, from the outside, all we can say is that there’s a great pop duo at stake here, and it’d be good to see them get their act together before they get lost forever.


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2014azIt’s fair to say that Madonna hasn’t exactly kept her recording sessions a secret. And it would be easy to say that if you’re going to spend a year building up demand for a new album, you shouldn’t be surprised if someone, somewhere, does something to meet that demand.

But on the other hand, that’s bollocks. Nicking an album and putting it online when it’s not ready just isn’t on. Clips and maybe one or two tracks is alright. A whole album is just absurd.

Anyway, here are some songs we all know to be amazing, which didn’t sound quite so amazing to start with.

Lady Gaga – ‘Bad Romance’

Backstreet Boys – ‘I Want It That Way’

Girls Aloud – ‘Something Kinda Ooooh!’

Pet Shop Boys – ‘West End Girls’

Madonna – ‘Deeper & Deeper’

Madonna – ‘The Power Of Good-Bye’

Madonna – ‘Hung Up’

Fleur East – ‘Uptown Funk’

All those songs sound pretty good in their unfinished states, of course, but the finished versions were better. And if we’d heard all these versions before we heard the final ones, would we ever have fallen quite so deeply in love with the songs?

(The exception to that point is ‘Bad Romance’, which did leak ahead of the proper one, but that’s the best song of the millennium and it would have been amazing even if your first listen had been Lady Gaga shouting it down a paper tube in a shopping centre.)

2014 A-Z: G is for GET ON WITH IT

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2014azThe Top 10 Get On With It artists of 2014:
1. Mutya Keisha Siobhan
Despite promising something new, something exciting, something big, something anything at various points during 2014, the ladies came up with somewhere in the region of bugger all. (ie They performed with Metronomy at the NME Awards and that was about it.)
2. AlunaGeorge
“We have nearly finished our next album,” they said in May. Where is that album? Nowhere.
3. Lady Gaga
She teased ‘ARTPOP: Act II’. She said she also wanted to release a jazz album. So she released a jazz album, while the ‘ARTPOP’ sequel sat on a shelf, growing old.
4. Madonna
Madonna is a slightly odd Get On With It entry in that – as we are now all too aware – she had indeed been getting on with it, with an album’s worth of songs in various states of completion. We’ll cover Madonna’s album leak in a future 2014 A-Z item, but for now let’s just say that if Madonna had got this album out in November, the debacle we’ve just witnessed would never have happened.
5. Tamera Foster
It was announced in March that promising X Factor star Tamera Foster had signed to Syco. She could easily have used an X Factor performance to get a single out this side of Christmas, and may even have been able to release an album. Instead: nothing. And now there’s every chance Fleur East will nick all her decent songs.
6. Say Lou Lou
Apparently this duo’s album was recently mastered, for 2015 release. Here’s a tip: if you master an album in October, you can have it out in November.
7. Adele
By the end of 2015 the Adele album will be so omnipresent that we’ll curse the day we ever expressed any desire to hear a single note, but she could easily have boshed this one out by now.
8. Brandon Flowers
B-Flow confirmed in October LAST YEAR that he was working on a solo album. This could have been out in the summer.
8. Little Mix
This lot cancelled their US tour in order, THEY SAID, to work on their album. That was back in July. How long does it take to sing a few songs? Yes, obviously, you need to spend time formulating a plan on how to drip-feed 120 different teaser campaigns across eight different social media platforms, but you can get people in to do all that important stuff.
10. Rihanna
Let’s not go there.