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2014 A-Z: S is for SPOT THE DIFFERENCE!!

Posted by Popjustice on Dec 29 2014 at about 15:00

2014azWell, we’ve reached that point in our 2014 A-Z recap where it’s time to kick back and relax with a good, old fashioned spot the difference game.

Below, you’ll see two pictures from Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’ video.

Using expert image manipulation skills we’ve made SEVEN minor alterations to the second one.

Can you spot each of the differences?



Her head is about twice as big
We’ve replaced about a fifth of the image with some of Ariana’s ‘Break Free’ video
Katy’s right eye has fallen down her face
There’s a Harrier Jump Jet flying across the scene
She’s sitting on a miniature Britney Spears
There’s approximately one pixel missing from her necklace thing
Her right hand is a Tefal Aquaspeed FV5370 steam iron

Congratulations if you got all seven, but we’re sad to say that unless you got the precise model of steam iron you will not win a prize.

2014 A-Z: R is for RECORD STORE DAY

Posted by Popjustice on Dec 29 2014 at about 13:32



As you know, Record Store Day is an annual excuse for labels to repackage and resell music which, with a few exciting exceptions, fans have already purchased at least once.

But Record Store Day is about more than that, of course. It’s about the world’s remaining music stores going “HIYA WE EXIST”, and getting people through the door on one day in the hope that those same people might come through the door on another day.

Sadly, in April, we saw some people getting their knickers in a twist over the fact that One Direction were involved in 2014’s Record Store Day. They didn’t want One Direction fans to be going into record shops, because record shops should exist only to sell Four Tet albums, and getting the wrong type of teenager through the door would ruin everything. It’s a wonder you don’t see more record stores on the high street these days, isn’t it.

The funny thing about Record Store Day’s main marketing angle – the limited edition releases – is that because the majority of these releases are about repackaging and alternative formatting, rather than new tunes, the whole thing makes a complete mockery of the Four Tet brigade’s all-about-the-music ideology. Many Record Store Day purchases will never be played, because playing them would reduce the record’s supposed value, even if that value is largely artificial.

So those discs will sit on a shelf, or they will be propped ostentatiously next to a faux-vintage record player. They’ll be looked at, they might be touched, let’s face it they’ll probably be smelt, but they won’t be heard. Fans might as well be queueing on a Saturday morning for a Vampire Weekend keyring and glitterpen gift set. Ironically, Record Store Day makes a One Direction fan out of everyone.

2014 A-Z: Q is for Q4 RUINATION

Posted by Popjustice on Dec 23 2014 at about 14:34


2014azIn November, in an article entitled ‘RIHANNAWATCH: THREAT LEVEL CRITICAL’, we explained that the world should be on high alert because new Rihanna music could, should and maybe even would appear within 48 hours.

We were right in a way, because new Rihanna material did indeed appear within that 48-hour window.

But we were also wrong, because – call us old fashioned here – when we say we want new Rihanna material, what we tend to have in mind is something longer than about fifteen seconds.

Fact: it’s not Q4 without a Rihanna album.

So thanks, Rihanna. Thanks for ruining what should have been the most special time in the annual pop calendar.

(NB: If the rumours about a Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve release turn out not to be bollocks we will partially forgive her, but the damage is done really.)


Posted by Popjustice on Dec 23 2014 at about 13:34



Lana: how about some mouth exercises.

Ariana: vowels are great but other letters do exist.

Ellie: finish your food before you enter the vocal booth.

Sia: it helps if you take the paper bag off your head.

Come on chaps. Let’s make 2015 the year of fans being able to figure out what the hell is happening in pop songs.