Have you ever been to Northampton?

Like, Northampton as in the his­tor­ical town in the East Midlands?

Not to do down Northampton, we're sure it offers some inter­est­ing excur­sions and is a great place to bring up kids, but it's not exactly the sort of place you'd expect to find someone who becomes an 'internet sensation' then signs with Roc Nation (!) and bangs out a song with DJ Khaled (!!).

And yet here were, with social-star-turned-actual-star Toby Randall, whose 'Landslide' video premieres here today.

(Toby's inter­est­ingly under­stated debut EP came out last month. The other two songs are pretty good and 'House Party' is par­tic­u­larly great — somewhat unex­pec­tedly it sounds like a cross between Robyn and Icona Pop, and it's got a big "HEY!" in it.)