Highly promising, semi-enigmatic modern pop maestro Puzzle has a habit of knocking out excellent videos.

His first two releases, 'Godlike' and 'Trial By Fire', both came with excellent visuals to accompany above-average sounds, and 'Comedown' is his best video yet for his best song yet. That's what's ideal in a popstar, isn't it? A sense of things getting better. At the very least it's something to enjoy while you wait for The Sound Of Arrows to get their act together.

The best quote in the press release is this: "Relationships are often very intense and that person becomes the world for you and you think about them con­stantly. It probably feels like a chemical addiction in some ways and then when they leave you or it comes to an end then that's like a comedown. It's that void. The high's not there anymore and all you have left is that dark place. You des­per­ately want to go back to that high and that person's not there."

Anyway, as per the laws of pop, three decent songs in a row means that Puzzle is now worthy of a follow on at least one social media channel. Take your pick from Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter or Instagram.