Back in March, Poland decided not to send this song to Eurovision, a decision that con­tra­vened several human rights laws and led to the Polish gov­ern­ment being peti­tioned to recon­sider.

In the end Poland came eighth, which isn't bad, but they would have won the entire thing if 'Cool Me Down' had been sent to Stockholm.

Anyway, for some reason Margaret's chosen to premiere the song's video on Popjustice, and what a video it is. Among the high­lights:

  • The song includes a reference to fire — there's some fire.
  • The song also includes a reference to water — there's some water.
  • The song includes no reference to a gra­tu­it­ous CGI whale — but where's a gra­tu­it­ous CGI whale.
  • There's a bit at the end where Margaret dances at the centre of a circle of flames; according to ancient Polish folklore this ceremony invokes the spirit of Rihanna Robyn Fenty and, to be fair, that's exactly what happens here.
  • Nice TLC reference.

Incredible scenes.

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