"Sometimes it feels like there's three of us in here baby."

Diana said that, or words to that effect, and look what happened to her. Good lyric though.

This is a song that Britney Spears wrote with ('with') Sia and given Sia's increasing ineptitude in the whole songwriting 'arena' we expect Britney did most of the work here. So well done Britney for:

1. The melody - it's a cracker.
2. The tempo - it's mid, but it's not boring.
3. The lyrics - they are quite touching if you've had a drink or two.

And also well done Britney for:

4. The singing, which is very much on the right side of competent.

As for the score, 'Work Bitch' seemed like a 9 on a couple of listens but swiftly fell to a still-respectable 7 due mainly to poor structure and pacing, but 'Perfume' feels like an 8 that could end up as a 9, wouldn't you say?

Probably about 2018 in the UK
Label: RCA
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