Ace Wilder's 'Busy Doin' Nothin'' is one of the most notable non-UK hits (and one of the most infuriating UK non-hits) of 2014.

But it's time for us all to move on with our lives because, in an out-with-the-old-and-in-with-the-new type of way, Ace Wilder has a brand new single and it's a brilliantly unhinged pop banger with big horns, big drums, big claps and a chorus so immense that Ace could feasibly charge tourists £8.50 a pop for cable car trips to the top.

'Riot' was written with some excellent people (including the amazing Nicole/Coco Morier) and it's out today in Sweden, but before you throw your toys out of the pop pram we urge you to consider this: IT'S APPARENTLY ALSO DUE OUT TODAY IN THE UK.

(While you're on iTunes her 'A Wilder' EP, which popped up at the end of last year, is also there, totally brilliant and well worth chucking a couple of quid at.)

The song's a lot to take in on first listen so if you need some help figuring it all out just close your eyes and think of Cheryl.

Label: Stereoscope
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