If you watched last year's X Factor you may well have thought 5AM, aka 5 After Midnight, aka Montgomery, Clive and Gloria* made pretty good popstars. Well your instincts were spot on because 5 After Midnight's MNEK-produced first single 'Up In Here' turned out to be Really Quite Good and here's a first-look at the video.

In this video we find:

  1. 5AM having a nice day out in Shoreditch though sadly the video does not capture the moment they were thrown out of the Old Blue Last for querying the music policy**
  2. Quite possibly the first instance of dabbing being worked into a boyband dance routine
  4. Lots of people having fun because that's what life's about, right guys?

Also, we really like this bit.

* Kieran, Jay and Nathan
** This did not happen, it is a fictional scenario we concocted in an attempt to be funny