Taylor Swift

According to Big Machine Records CEO Scott Borchetta — and he'd know seeing as he's the head of her label — 'This What You Came For' 'scribe' Taylor Swift isn't releasing a new album this October.

As you're well aware, Swifto usually releases a new album every two years and given '1989' came out in October 2014, fans have worked out using MATHEMATICS the next one is due this year.

Borchetta stepped in to a thread on Twitter about the album coming in October and ended spec­u­la­tion with a simple "NOPE".



September it is, then! Cheers Scott.

(We did briefly consider using 'Taylor Swift's label boss hints new album might be out next month' or something as this article's headline, but that would have been irre­spons­ible.) (Mind you Taylor's new mates at Apple are announ­cing new iPhones in September.)