Konichiwa Records flyer

'Holy Bubbles' hitmaker Zhala's going to be playing her debut UK 'gig' in London on June 24, and as if that wasn't enough — which it is — the actual Robyn's going to be DJing there too. And Savage Skulls.

(Not all at the same time, obviously, that would be a bloody racket.)

The 'gig' is part of a Konichiwa Records party, hence Robyn's involve­ment, and it will all take place at the Red Gallery in London's 'trendy' Old Street area.

Here's some blurb we copied and pasted from the press release:

Konichiwa Records head honcho Robyn is bringing a free love cel­eb­ra­tion to Shoreditch’s Red Gallery on June 24. The night will feature the UK live debut from purveyor of  cosmic-pop, Zhala. The party will also include DJ sets from Robyn and fellow Scandis Savage Skulls, with a few surprises in store as well.

You can buy tickets for it from here.

Also, not only are we com­mu­nic­at­ing this wondrous news to you, we're also 'premier­ing' a new, typically bonkers Zhala remix today as well.

Here it is:

There it was.