It WOULD APPEAR that aggress­ive money retriever Rihanna has been in a studio envir­on­ment with Timbaland, Diane Warren, 'Replay' hitmaker Zendaya and Timbo's current protege Tink.

'How on earth do you know that??' we hear you bellow from across the internet horizon.

Well because your friend and ours Naya Dionne tweeted about it just last night:


It's not clear whether this is for the 'slightly' delayed #R8 opus or for Zendaya's new album or for Tink's new album or for Timbaland's new album or for Naya Dionne's album or even for Diane Warren's debut.

Hopefully we'll find out soon though because none of us are getting any younger and imagine how fucked off you'd be if you died of old age two days before a new Rihanna album came out. You'd be well fucked off, that's how fucked off you'd be.