It looks like Pitbull will indeed be going to Alaska to perform at a branch of Walmart after a Facebook vote organised in asso­ci­ation with Listerine was hijacked.

The tiny super­mar­ket in Kodiak, Alaska received 71,000 'likes' (the pop­u­la­tion of the town is only 6,000) after the idea was spread by comedians David Thorpe and Jon Hedren.

Brilliantly, rather than release some boring statement express­ing his dis­ap­point­ment at the fact the vote's been rigged, Pitbull had this to say about it all: "I heard that Kodiak, Alaska, has the most likes due to someone that thinks he was playing a prank."

"You gotta under­stand, I will go anywhere in the world for my fans… I want to invite that someone who thinks that it's a joke to Kodiak, Alaska, with me."

You can watch Pitbull's full 'statement', including an incom­pre­hens­ible intro­duc­tion bit, here.