LeonaPuff Daddy col­lab­or­ator Jimmy Page has said that per­form­ing with Leona Lewis at the closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympics is one of his greatest achieve­ments. Ever.

Asked by Uncut magazine (as quoted here) to pick a musical highlight outside of his work with radio edit avoiding Top Of The Pops soundtrack providers Led Zeppelin, he said his choice would "surprise everyone" before he added:

"I'd be very sincere if I said that doing the Olympics with Leona Lewis was phe­nom­enal. She's really plucky, she's superb, and she sang 'Whole Lotta Love' bril­liantly."

"We managed to do the full length of 'Whole Lotta Love' — it wasn't edited — and she sang it beau­ti­fully. It was so cool the way she approached it."

Here is that beautiful moment just in case you'd forgotten all about it:

We're not sure if Leona feels the same about it but we'll be sure to ask her next time we see her.