'Yo-Yo' hitmaker Nicola Roberts has written a song for Tinashe's every so slightly delayed new album, 'Joyride'. We know this to be true because Roberts herself said as much while having a chat to someone from BANG Showbiz (as quoted here):

"I am really excited that Tinashe just took one of my songs. I love her and I love her last album so I will be happy when I can hear my song on her album and that will be a nice moment."

Very good. But would you, Nicola Roberts, like most song­writers, like to write a song for Rihanna though? Is she the ultimate popstar?

"I would love to write a song for Rihanna. She is just the ultimate pop star. You can't really do much other than write a good song or a song that someone would want."

A nice new solo single would be great too though. In your own time Robbo.