Kylie Minogue, the singer, has said various things about her plans 'vis-a-vis' music etc, and one of those things is that she's recorded another duet with Robbie Williams.

Where it’s going to go I couldn’t tell you, but it’s very good,” Minogue told

It's likely the song will appear on Williams' new album, but then again maybe it's for the re-release of Kylie's Christmas album.

I’m working on various things,” she added. “We’ve got some really really good new additions to the Christmas album for this year."

BUT she's also working on a proper album too. Please read on…

"I have started work on new material, the way the year’s panned out I won’t have that much time to work on it but my brain’s working overtime. I’m so keen to get what’s in my brain out and turn it into what I hear in my head, make that a reality. So new music is really, con­sist­ently on my mind."

So, to recap; duet with Robbie, chuck out the Christmas album again, record new album once all that's out the way. Got it? Good.