After posting a picture of himself smelling his fingers in a studio envir­on­ment with Pharrell, Justin 'JT' Timberlake has now shared one in which he's gazing into the distance while 'sporting' a flat cap in front of Timbaland.



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Timbaland's having a real problem working out that hat, isn't he? Mind you Timbaland spends 80% of his time show­cas­ing vari­ations on that expres­sion so it's hard to tell where confusion ends and a misguided attempt at pion­eer­ing his own version of Blue Steel begins.

Semi-retired singer, actor, golfist and scatter cushion designer Timberlake has been in the studio a lot of late, perhaps making the music for this Trolls film he's working on. Or maybe it's for his fifth solo album. Or maybe he just enjoys pulling random poses in front of expensive producers and posting the results online.

We'll know soon enough.