Joss Stone really isn't that fussed about having success in the UK.

In a little chat that you can read right here, the 'Stalemate' song­stress responded to questions about wanting chart success in the UK, claiming: "No, you know what? I think I'd rather not, because I really like living here and I think that I'd rather just live here."

"Like, why would I want to work in my house?" she pointed out, "I live here, it's my home, I couldn't think of anything worse. Really man, like it sucks."

Like really, man.

Joss continued on with this theme, revealing: "You want a life. And just be able to chat to someone in the pub, that you might not have met before and have a nice con­ver­sa­tion with them, without them going, 'Oh my God, are you that girl?'"

First round's on you then Joss.