Adding her well-informed voice to the image vs talent debate, Joss Stone has announced that she feels Lady Gaga's music­al­ity gets lost among her out­land­ish outfits.

Speaking to CY Interview, the 'incom­par­able' soul singer explained that she feels "shock value is good and gets people to watch you", but when a female artist "actually can sing songs and she can play piano, it just feels like it might over­shadow what talent she does have."

Part-time image con­sult­ant Joss is convinced that if Gaga ditched her costumes, people would still love her. "[Gaga] can sing, but then people forget she can sing because she’s doing all this crazy stuff. I guess [her tour is] a great show. I mean, I’ve never been, but I’m sure it’s awesome.”

She goes on to claim that  popstars' over-use of eye-catching outfits is all Madonna's fault and ladies in pop today should learn where to draw the line. "Madonna’s not the best singer in the world, but she was awesome with her enter­tain­ment and all of her shock tactics and stuff and that’s where it began. She then inspired all sorts of other girls to do that. But I don’t know, I just think music’s kind of important too. You’ve gotta know where that line is espe­cially when you are good at singing."

"I would never want something I’m wearing or the way I’m dancing to over­shadow what I’m doing," she added. "I’d rather grab people’s attention with my voice.”