Hey QT

A photo posted by Nicola Roberts (@lilcola) on

This is quite exciting in and of itself of course.

But is the caption a clue?

Is Nicola Roberts, ie one of the best popstars in the world, working on something PC Music-related?

Perhaps with SOPHIE (one half of QT's pro­duc­tion element)?

Then again, we know the 'Yo-Yo' hitmaker and cultural icon has con­stantly got her finger on the musical pulse, so this could just be a very on-trend reference and nothing more. The tiny doll with ginger hair is indeed a "QT".

Maybe, just maybe, Nicola Roberts could be the one to drum some sense into the hit-and-miss-but-mainly-miss PC Music 'brigade'. OR it could be a right old racket.

Either way, someone needs to give that mixing board a good dust.