Gorgon City

Gorgon City's debut album, 'Sirens', will feature the vocal talents of quite a few people including Katy B, Erik Hassle, Anne-Marie, Yasmin and Jennifer Hudson (!).

You can see who does what on the track­list­ing below:

1. Coming Home (featuring Maverick Sabre)
2. Ready For Your Love (featuring MNEK)
3. Lover Like You (featuring Katy B)
4. Here For You (featuring Laura Welsh)
5. FTPA (featuring Erik Hassle)
6. Go All Night (featuring Jennifer Hudson)
7. Unmissable (featuring Zak Abel)
8. Real (featuring Yasmin)
9. Imagination (featuring Katy Menditta)
10. 6 AM (featuring Tish Hyman)
11. Elevate (featuring Anne-Marie)
12. Take It All (featuring The Six)
13. Hard On Me (featuring Maverick Sabre)


14. Try Me Out (featuring Anne-Marie)
15. No More (featuring L.I.V.)
16. Here For You (featuring Laura Welsh) (VEVO Lift Performance)
17. Doing It Wrong (featuring L.I.V.)

The album's out on October 6 and that image at the top is obviously the album's 'cover art'.