Elton John reckons Britain are about to invade America again.

Talking to Music Week about all the various British acts that are doing well in America — One Direction, Jessie J, Cher Lloyd, Calvin Harris etc etc — he summed it all up by saying: "Two years ago this wasn’t happening and now the British invasion is coming again."

He's spe­cific­ally excited about the prospect of Tinie Tempah building on his Number 12 US hit with 'Written In The Stars'.

"I met Tinie Tempah the other day," he bragged. "He’s going to break in America without question. He’s got the right attitude. He’s the perfect example of these new English acts that are so determ­ined to do it and are really good guys."

Another "really good guy" is Ed Sheeran, who is signed to Elton's Rocket Music Entertainment Group and recently debuted in the US Top 5.

"He works bloody hard and he doesn’t complain. He’s a really kind of perfect artist to manage and he’s already said ‘Listen, I’ve got the next album finished.’"