DJ Fresh sitting on a ghetto blaster'Dalicks/Temple of Doom' hitmaker DJ Fresh is "really gutted" Girls Aloud's 'On The Metro' wasn't released as a single.

"I'm really gutted it didn't get released [SEE?], it's so annoying," he told Digital Spy about the song he co-produced. "It's basically one of those things that's decided by people that sit in record label offices and determine what we're all going to hear on the radio every day."

To be fair, it's the people at radio who determine that, and they've not exactly been unkind to DJ Fresh over the last year or so, but anyway.

"Who is it that gives these guys the power?" he continued. "They're not always right."

Still quite angry, he added: "I'm not dissing anyone in par­tic­u­lar with that track, but it's amazing that one or two people in a boardroom determine what's going to be released and what isn't."

Asked if he'd like to work with any of the members of Girls Aloud on any of their solo stuff, he said: "For me, Nicola felt like the most driving force from a writing point of view, so doing something with her would be great."

That would be quite good wouldn't it.