demi-lovato'You're My Only Shorty' hitmaker Demi Lovato has Ne-Yo to thank for new single 'Made In The USA', according to producer Jason Evigan.

Ne-Yo reportedly heard the original R&B version of the song and suggested it for Demi, which was nice of him.

"It was [always up-tempo], but it was 808s and trap drums and sounded almost like a young Chris Brown record," Evigan told Billboard. "It's funny because if you listen to it, if you put a swag on it, it actually has a pretty R&B feel to it."

'Put a swag on it.'

He continued: "If it wasn't for Ne-Yo having phe­nom­enal ears, he really heard through the R&B pro­duc­tion that this can be a big pop song and he was right. It's crazy how it all turned out that way."

Crazy indeed.