It's been announced that Cher Lloyd's debut single will be called 'Swagger Jagger'.

Consulting urban dic­tion­ary, we can see that a 'swagger jagger' is "a person who always cramps your style". Lloyd has already described her sound as "swag pop" and following her audition per­form­ance of 'Turn My Swag On', we can only hope the album — due on the 12th September — will be packaged with a 'swag bag' to carry all your swag in (THIS IS NOT WHAT IT MEANS — ED)

In other Cher Lloyd news, The Sun are reporting that rapper Busta Rhymes will make an appear­ance on the album and that Syco are "are exploring exciting col­lab­or­a­tions". If this means a guest rap from either Flo Rida or Pitbull, we're out.