Cher Lloyd literally and meta­phor­ic­ally had to "step back for a minute" when someone threw a bottle of piss at her at V Festival.

Talking to Sugarscape about it all, the 'Cooler Than Me' inter­preter was asked how she got past someone doing that.

"Just to step back for a minute and realise that there’s so many good things going on in my career at the moment, we’ve got everything in the US, we’ve got this fragrance in the UK," she  span.

"I mean, there shouldn’t be anything that’s going to get me down. At the time I was upset about it, but the amount of support that artists have shown me and it’s made me realise that it wasn’t personal, it was actually something that happens to all the artists."

Apparently she's in quite good company when it comes to victims of piss missiles, or pissiles: "I heard it happened to Beyoncé. Now if that can happen to Beyoncé, I don’t know why it was a big deal about me."

To be fair if Beyoncé had cut short her Glastonbury per­form­ance due to a tsunami of piss that probably have been a big deal too but we're glad Cher has found a way for this to be a positive thing.