According to an Atlantic Records release schedule chucked on Twitter by Stephen Ackroyd, the UK release of Charli XCX's 'Sucker' album has been pushed back again, and will now be able to buy it on February 16.

ALSO, if this tweet and this tweet are to be believed, it will now feature a new version of 'Doing It' featuring the dulcet tones of middle England-offending bra avoider Rita Ora, with — we assume — that single coming very very soon (the video's already been filmed).

Here's a reminder of what we've endured so far:


June 15 1888: 'Sucker' ori­gin­ally mooted for release on wax cylinder.

September 8 1939: Rescheduled release of 'Sucker' cancelled due to outbreak of World War II.

November 15 1974: 8-track cartridge release of 'Sucker' cancelled for unex­plained reasons.

December 31 1989: 'Sucker' lined up for release on LP, CD and cassette, with free poster in branches of Our Price, but cancelled due to schedul­ing conflict relating to Charli's pre­vi­ously arranged per­form­ance atop the partly demol­ished Berlin Wall.

October 2014: 'Sucker' scheduled for proper UK release.

December 15 2014: 'Sucker' released in America.

January 26 2015: 'Sucker' really finally scheduled for proper UK release.

February 16 2015: 'Sucker' really-finally-no-seriously-guys-come-on released in the UK. (TBC)