Rita oraRita Ora's revealed she's worked with Calvin Harris on four songs on her forth­com­ing second album.

Having a chat to MTV about the album etc, she put these words in the following order:

"We actually did four songs together. We didn't plan it. It's not like a Cher and Sonny [SHE MEANS SONNY AND CHER] situation."

She also explained how one of the songs came about after the two started humming (HUMMING)  together.

"We were both kind of talking about music and we just happened to hum together and a song came out, and we ended up doing four tracks on the record."

She added: "It's probably the best decision I made working with him."

Elsewhere she also said she'd quite like to sing a song with Gwen Stefani, but the latter's a bit too busy at the moment actually.