BAP-2014IT'S FRIDAY! Here are some BAPs by way of cel­eb­ra­tion.

  • Here are some ‘behind the scenes’ pictures of a pho­toshoot featuring Pharrell Williams and a horse. (The Guardian)
  • Beyoncé’s got two songs in the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs Top Ten, making her the second ever female artist to achieve this feat on three separate occasions. (Billboard)
  • And in more highly specific Billboard-related chart honours, Katy Perry’s stolen one from Mariah Carey. (That Grape Juice)
  • The video for Florrie’s ‘Seashells’ is now online. Right here in fact: (Popjustice)
  • Pixie Lott really had to fight to get her new single released, so thanks for that. (Digital Spy)
  • Tickets for Lady Gaga’s tour are selling really well actually, so no one panic just yet. (Popjustice)
  • Ke$ha’s out of rehab and has changed her Twitter handle. (MuuMuse)
  • Zhala’s made a video for ‘Prophet’ and that video is now online. (Popjustice)
  • Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry have been having a friendly chat via Twitter. (Twitter)
  • Sharpen The Knives’ hitmaker Paul Epworth did some knob twiddling on the new Coldplay album you know. (Digital Spy)
  • You can’t go wrong with a ridicu­lously amazing Seamus Haji remix can you. (Popjustice)
  • Nicola Roberts has been telling some inter­est­ing stories about seafood. (Twitter)
  • Rihanna and Adele both have new million-selling singles in the UK, which is nice for them isn’t it. Neither of them get much chart recog­ni­tion, so this helps redress that slightly. (Popjustice)
  • In non-horse Pharrell news, he reckons Beyoncé is a “vocal anomaly” and her success is thanks to her star sign. (Idolator)
  • Ed Sheeran’s covered ‘Drunk In Love’. :( (Idolator)
  • The Japan-only song Bonnie McKee wrote for Lea Michele’s album is now on the internet. (YouTube)
  • Alex Metric’s new EP is called ‘Hope’ and it will be out “soon”. (Popjustice)
  • Here’s a video of Amelia Lily making some sounds with her voice in a studio envir­on­ment. (Instagram)
  • Neon Jungle’s new song will be ‘premiered’ on Monday. (Twitter)
  • Elyar Fox has made a slightly unset­tling Tinder-inspired lyric video for his new single. (Popjustice)
  • And finally, Joe from Metronomy has said he’d quite like to help MKS get their album released. (Daily Star Playlist)

And for old time's sake…

What a song.