BAP-2014Everyone sit the fuck down — BAPs are back!

  • Nicole Scherzinger milked a goat on the radio this morning. (Capital FM)
  • Here’s a picture of soccer enthu­si­ast Rihanna holding the World Cup. (Twitter)
  • Kate Boy and Avec Sans are playing a ‘gig’ together in London later this month. (Popjustice)
  • Cheryl Cole’s only gone and got married to French person even though she once said she couldn’t speak French in a song by that band she was in when life was a lot simpler. (Instagram)
  • NOBODY PANIC! Sophie Ellis-Bextor might make dance music again at some point in the probably quite distant future. (Popjustice)
  • Paris Hilton’s new video looks like it could be quite a subtle and mys­ter­i­ous affair. (YouTube)
  • Here's a video for Duke Dumont's new single if you're into that sort of thing. (Popjustice)
  • Beyoncé’s HBO series of live per­form­ances has now moved on to ‘Flawless’. (That Grape Juice)
  • Meanwhile, Beyoncé’s other HBO thing she’s doing with her husband Jay Z now has a trailer. (YouTube)
  • Jessie Ware’s well aware of the fact that big bangers aren’t really her forte. (Popjustice)
  • Bastille’s new album will features some guitars. (Daily Star)
  • Those pictures of Lady Gaga that artist did that time are going to be shown in Paris. (Facebook)
  • Here’s a picture of Geri Halliwell in a Sumo costume. (Twitter)
  • In a pretty unique move, The Ting Tings have a made a video for their new single. (Popjustice)
  • Robyn’s said her ‘mini album’ (EP) thing with Röyksopp is the result of sadness. :( (NME)
  • A*M*E and MNEK are working on some new songs together, which is quite a good idea really. (Twitter)
  • Becky Hill from The Voice and other places has popped a song online for the taste­m­akers' delect­a­tion. (Popjustice)

And for old time's sake…

What a song.