According to the head of his label, the new Zayn ('ZaYn') album will be "more optim­istic" than the last one.

Having a chat to someone from Entertainment Weekly, your friend and ours Peter Edge, who is of course RCA Records CEO, said the following words:

It wasn’t easy making that decision and having the courage to step out first and make a record. This album has a more optim­istic tone to it after coming through that more chal­len­ging time. It shows a lot of growth.”

He went on to say that lead single 'Still Got Time' sets the tone quite nicely actually, thanks for asking. “If you think about the lyrics,” he mused, “it’s talking about how it’s great to be young and knowing you’ve still got time to do everything you want to do in life.”

Edge also said no one's that bothered about the other members of One Direction also releasing music now:

While we’re conscious of what everybody else is doing, I think we’re on the page that we just have to get on with releasing the music. Everybody is going to coexist. What’s emerging is that there are different musical styles that each member is getting into.”

Zayn's album is out at some point this year and is rumoured — like all albums — to feature Nicki Minaj.