In an exclusive chat with Popjustice, Amelia Lily has revealed that new Girls Aloud songs exist and that she has heard some with her own ears.

"Yes I have," she confirmed when we asked her about when she had heard them. "But I'm not telling anyone about them, it's top secret."

When asked how amazing the songs were on a scale of 9 — 10, she added: "I'm not saying, sorry."


Asked who else popped by Xenomania towers, she said: "Annie was there! I love Annie, she'a always there. She's always writing melodies and lyrics for me."

Amazing. Who else?

"Florrie's always there. They're great them two. They always make vegetable drinks in the blender, which is better than drinking sugary drinks that's for sure. I mean, I don't actually like them but they've got me into them because they're so healthy and they're growing on me."

When pressed to reveal the ingredi­ents of these smoothies, Amelia added: "There's apples, carrots, beetroot, ginger, celery… I wanted to try them and they got me into them and I'm happy they did to be honest because they're so good for you."

So there you go. Not much info on Girls Aloud, but quite a lot regarding celery.