Look we know this is going to upset a few of you but appar­ently Real Cher hated 'If I Could Turn Back Time' and had to be phys­ic­ally restrained while recording it.

We haven't just made this up, in fact this whole story features quotes attrib­uted to that song's writer, Diane Warren, who said the following things (via Billboard):

"The song she really hated was 'If I Could Turn Back Time,' but I held her leg down during a session and said, 'You have to record it!'"

And what did Cher say to that, Diane?

"Fuck you, bitch! You're hurting my leg! OK, I'll try it."

Amusing. And then what?

"She gave me this look like, 'You were right.'"

That, as they say, is a cobbled together news story.