We were a bit worried Years & Years might have trouble following 'King' because the band do a rather nice line in subtle and subtle isn't exactly what you need when you're following up a Number One, but they've just knocked this out and it's brilliant so we needn't have been concerned.

That's one of the main things you what you want from a popstar (or three popstars) (or let's face it one popstar and his two mates) in 2015, isn't it?


This would have been a 10/10 if they'd picked up the tempo a bit but we do accept that not every song can be a dancefloor conqueror so that's fine.

Incidentally have you noticed how much 'King' is like 'Call The Shots' by Girls Aloud? The middle eight is very similar. The "uhohuhhoh"/"now-ooh-ow-ooh-ow" bit is similar. The general synthbangingness is similar. You'd think someone would have done a mashup, right? If this were 2002 the similarity would have inspired eight bootlegs, two compilation albums and a club night by now. 2015: pull your socks up.

Label: Polydor
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