This extremely strong electronic pop single is the first release on Little Boots' On Repeat Records which, as you well know, is a record label that has been brought into existence solely to whack out incredible pop tunes.

'Indiana', like most things these days, is produced by MNEK, and hearing it for the first time last month reminded us a bit of the first time we heard Sam Sparro's 'Black & Gold', in that as well as thinking 'blimey, this is very good in a soulful synthy songy sort of way and will surely only get better with repeated listens', you also think 'I must investigate this artiste further and see if they have loads of other good songs'.

Sam Sparro obviously didn't, but maybe Tom Aspaul will: he's been working with people like Mutya Keisha Siobhan and Syron. He's put a biography on his Tumblr which will hopefully fill in any gaps.

'Indiana'  is out today (here it is on iTunes) and there's a FTSE remix too which is great news if you're a fan of boring remixes. Basically ignore the remix and stick to the Proper Version, which is wonderful in about 18 different ways.

Label: On Repeat
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