Rainsford's actual name is Rainey Qualley and, as will come as no surprise once you've heard her debut single, she lives in LA.

Apart from the fact that 'SID' is a luxurious sub­tle­banger, there's quite a lot to unpack in the whole Rainsford thing. First, though, let's look at this good picture of her standing among some plants.


Anyway, Rainsford is, in no par­tic­u­lar order:

  • A singer/songwriter — that's to be expected and, as you can hear below, she's quite good at it.
  • A model — again, it's 2016, that's to be expected. She's worked for people like Chanel and Calvin Klein.
  • An actor, who for instance at one point turned up in Mad Men.
  • The daughter of an actor, ie Andie MacDowell is her mum.
  • An ex-country singer, which worked out fairly well for Taylor Swift so let's not judge. Apparently Rainsford played at the Grand Ole Opry seven times and supported Willie Nelson, which one can only suppose is pretty good going in country circles.

As you can hear 'SID' is quite promising to we'd recommend keeping an eye on what Rainsford gets up to; you can follow her on Twitter and Soundcloud.