This is probably the lowest-quality clip we've ever featured as a Big Song.

1. It's a song being done live, and we all know live music is a bit of a trial at the best of times.

2. The recording is just a tiny bit on the distorted side.


1. It might be happening on a stage but the 'liveness' of this performance is open to some considerable question.

2. The speaker-busting nature of the recording somehow suits the Joan-Jett-meets-Def-Leppard-meets-Blue-meets-various-others feel of the song. [EDIT: Thanks to Facebook people Ante and Mechajlo for pointing out that more pertinent reference points include Diana King and The Steve Miller Band.]

Porcelain Black is one of pop's most confusingly-styled artists - literally bloody hell - but the video below, from a showcase thing that was held in Hollywood a couple of days ago, seems to suggest that she or her people have finally made a bit of sense out of the whole thing. And by that we mean 'she looks a bit more like J.Lo now'.

The song's a track from the RedOne protégé's long-delayed debut album, which looks like it will finally be out later this year.

Label: 2101
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