Key things to know about Platnum:1. They are not actually made of platinum - that would just be ridiculous (and a biological impossibility). They are in fact a living breathing trio of human beings just like the rest of us.2. Unlike the rest of us, however, they have made a song called 'Trippin'' which - ADVANCE WARNING ALERT - will probably be big over the summer. Fortunately it's not shit and is, in fact, rather good. Someone on the Hard2Beat website has posted a message moaning about the fact that this sounds like S Club 7 and is not bassline enough. They think that's a bad thing!3. 'Trippin'' is the best song with 'trippin' in its title since 'Tripping' by Robbie Williams, but everyone except us thinks that 'Tripping' by Robbie Wiliams is shit, so we don't know what that counts for at the end of the day.

Label: Hard2Beat
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