We were fleet­ingly sad the other week when Neon Gold got to premiere morgxn's debut single, because 'love you with the lights on' marks the arrival of a rather exciting new artist who seems to have found an accept­able but non-clunky middle ground between Troye Sivan and The Weeknd.

To be fair we'd probably have premiered our debut single with Neon Gold too. ANYWAY it turns out Popjustice wins because today we're premier­ing the Monsieur Adi remix of the track which is, we'd say, at least 35% better than the proper version.

You'll know Adi's stuff by now because we've covered loads of it: the Beyoncé remix, the Lana Del Reymix, the Mikky Ekko remix and so on.

Capital letter-avoiding singer morgxn [ti]https://twitter.com/morgxn[/ti] [fi]https://www.facebook.com/morgxnofficial[/fi] meanwhile calls both New York and Los Angeles home and says the song's about what would happen if we all for one bloody minute decided to stop running away from beauty. We'd copy some more stuff off the press release but Billboard have already done that so knock yourself out.

Anyway — really good song, REALLY good remix, slight shades of the current OneRepublic single or is that just us, SoundCloud embed follows: