(This isn't the actual artwork but let's be honest the spooky car is already iconic so here it will stay.)

Important notes on this release:

  • It doesn't sound like Lorde used to sound, but it still sounds like Lorde.
  • "Those rumours, they have big teeth": what a line.
  • This is crying out for a poppers o'clock reswizzle, but this Lorde/Jack/Joel version is fine for the time being.
  • After this, the album could literally sound like anything couldn't it? Exciting times.

Speaking to Zane Lowe for its Beats One premiere, Lorde also announced that her new album is called 'Melodrama' (good album title), that the song's about her first major heart­break and "the moments imme­di­ately after your life changes". It's "the crying girl at the party", she says — the girl who, the next morning, starts to rebuild her life.