You'll have trouble buying this song in the UK - it's not out here until March, despite being out in America today - but as you'll see in the player below it seems to be streaming on UK Spotify, and who needs downloads in the streaming era anyway?

That's Kelly Clarkson for you. A rock visionary. A citizen of the pop future. A pop icon whose apparent existence in the here and now is but a tantalising glimpse of the joy she will bring to the world in future years, decades and centuries. A rogue pop agent sent back in time from the year 3064 to save modern day pop from itself.

If we're all honest with ourselves for a split second this isn't quite the all-out Clarkobanger the human race was crying out for, but an 8/10 Kelly is a Kelly we'll still welcome with open arms, and once you get your head around the fact that the song SLOWS DOWN for the chorus it's a lot more manageable.

EDIT: Unfortunately, because Kelly's record label don't want you to hear the song, or are keen that you seek out an illegal download, or think the best way to experience the track is to endured a pitched-up version on YouTube, the track has now been removed from Spotify. Well done everyone! Maybe you could just listen to the Jimmy Eat World song below instead, and imagine Kelly singing it.

EDIT 2: They've now decided to put it on YouTube, so you can see that below instead of the Jimmy Eat World song, but here's a link to the Jimmy Eat World track for 'compare and contrast' purposes.

Today (US), March (UK)
Label: RCA
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