Radio 1 disc jockey Zane Lowe gave this excellent tune a spin the other evening while we were making dinner.

"This is good," we tweeted '@' Zane.

The long and short of it is that as a result of that tweet - which we stand by, even when not making dinner - we're now doing the online premiere of 'The Power' on Popjustice.

The online premiere is different to the radio one, and when you consider that the internet is definitely bigger than your average radio you'd have to agree that it is far more important.

The good thing about Fryars is that even when his music doesn't have the shiny pop-type production slapped on top (or underneath) there is always a big tune and at least two brilliant hooks in each song. We'd say the best bit in 'The Power' is the "IRL" business near the end but your own mileage may, as they say, vary.

Label: 679 Recordings
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