Self-declared "brand spanking new Australian artist" Elki tells us via email that 'Sirens' is "inspired by the neo-noir film 'Body Heat', with intimate pared back verses con­trast­ing with explosive and powerful choruses", which if nothing else makes her one of only twelve current recording artists capable of com­pet­ently describ­ing what their music actually sounds like.

'Sirens' was produced by Joel Quartermain and it's Elki's first release. Usually at this point we'd cobble together some bio nonsense from other blogs but nobody's really written about Elki yet so we had to actually do some work, which involved asking Elki to email over five fas­cin­at­ing facts about herself.

Those facts, when they arrived in our inbox, were:

1. "I've different coloured eyes."

2. "I studied at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music."

3. "My hero is Kate Bush."

4. "I've avoided social media all my life but had to dive headfirst into it to put my music out in the world."

5. "I can ride a unicycle, and find it an efficient form of transport."

Anyway, it's early days but 'Sirens' is very promising. You can follow Elki on her reluct­antly-activated social media accounts at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.