There are two acts involved here, and they are both 'of note'.

ACT 1: The Face
Formerly known as Pandering & The Gold Diggers, recently featured in our Ahoy section and, with 'Love Stuck', currently staring their pop destiny in the face.

ACT 2: Dream Beats
This is very exciting too - a new(ish) pop production project whose members are Anders Hansson, Felix Persson & Märta Grauers. Felix and Märta are from Le Kid (amazing), while Anders' name is all over stuff by Alcazar, BWO and Agnes. In terms of Europop, this is like The Throne. And as if those credits weren't enough, the song was co-written by Sharon Vaughn and - brace yourselves! - Wynter Gordon.

Put all that together and you have one of 2012's most thrilling debut singles.

(The video's a bit of a weird one but what can you do, eh viewers?)

Out this week in Sweden; July 15 for rest of Europe
Label: Universal Sweden
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