Born Stranger are — like Pet Shop Boys, Dick & Dom and every music fan who believes streaming exclus­ives are a good idea — two people.

  • One of those people is called David: he does singing.
  • The other of those people is Raife: he makes sounds using his hands and elec­tronic equipment.

A couple of months ago they had a pretty good song called 'Fire & The Flame' (which was remixed by Popjustice favour­ites Atom Tree), and today they're premier­ing their new song, 'Be Someone' here on Popjustice.

According to the band it's "a wake up call; a real­isa­tion, a message to say 'you're better than this, get out there and do it".


Sounds a bit like Bastille down the disco, don't you think? Promising stuff, anyway.