You may well (you might not) recognise Bianca from briefly exciting girlband Parade. Even more amazingly than that - if that's actually possible - Bianca also provided backing vocals on Leona Lewis' festive barnstormer 'One More Sleep'.

On 'Step It Up' she sets the controls for the heart of the mid-80s with a strong nod to Madonna and the unmistakable sense of smokemachine-drenched illuminated dancefloors.

Bianca wrote 'Step It Up' track with Anu from Freeform Five (who also produced it), along with Roy Kerr (who produced the London Grammar album), Ali Love and, somewhat bizarrely, Eliza Doolittle; she's also been working with Living Legend Biff Stannard, Hurts collaborators Nexus, Steve Anderson (Kylie etc), Hygrade (Britney Spears, Cheryl Cole), we're deep into cut-and-paste-from-Facebook-about-page territory here but bear with us, and Holter & Erixson (Christina Aguilera, Ne-Yo, Bonnie McKee).

There's more good stuff to come from Bianca but 'Step It Up' sets out her stall - which is one selling Actual Pop by an Actual Popstar - rather impressively.

Label: Unsigned
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