Aiden formerly-Grimshaw has been busy establishing his posh credentials over the last few weeks, debuting tracks from his forthcoming EP with a variety of important websites.

First he premiered a quite good song called 'Satisfy Me' with Wonderland. A week or so later 'The Cleaner' appeared on Beat. 'Fire & Ice' subsequently appeared on Notion and we can only assume that Hunger said no to the fourth and final one because it's ended up here on Popjustice. Strangely, and we assume this is also a complete accident, you'll also notice that we've ended up with the best song of the lot.

Unlike the other new tunes 'Better Man' is a bit of a hands-in-the-lasers banger, but like the other ones it was written by Aiden and Dimitri Tikovoi (Charli XCX, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, THE MIGHTY NICOLA ROBERTS) and, also in common with the others, it has a certain rough and ready charm (ie it sounds like a demo).

Aiden was no stranger to some rather precise positioning tactics the first time round but his alarmingly strong debut album made the whole thing worth it, and this new round of music 'n' visuals is equally interesting, so we're looking forward to hearing what else this unusual but brilliant popstar has got up his sleeve for 2014.

For the time being, his EP is released tomorrow (that's a Tuesday ladies and gentlemen - just another example of how Aiden set his own agenda) and that's quite enough to be getting on with.

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