You probably noticed that we made two Ronika tracks Song Of The Day earlier this week.

This was one of them.


And this was the other. [youtube]TKg2q_fFfWQ[/youtube]

As is obvious, both songs are very amazing. As are a couple of other tunes we have also been sent 'on the sly' (via a Soundcloud link). If you are a fan of Annie or Robyn or that sort of thing you have no excuse not to be very excited about all this.

Great tracks come along more often than you might think but what usually happens is that the songstrel (or songster — let's not be sexist) behind them turns out to be as dull as a cardboard box. In an attempt to discover whether Ronika was a cardboard box we thought we would drop her a line to see if she could explain herself.

Here's what she sent back. We have given feedback to each Ronika quote — each Roniquote, if you will — so that she and other popstars may learn for the future.

RONIQUOTE: "As a species I evolved from disco, house, hip-hop, italo, synth-funk and
electro-soul. These influ­ences have fos­sil­ised into a big pop-music
rock under which I make my home. Soon I will develop wings and then we
will all be scared."
VERDICT: Slightly muddled but an enter­tain­ing read.

RONIQUOTE: "I’m from Nottingham and I write, record and produce my tunes from my
bedroom studio — it’s all DIY and I put my music out on my own label
RecordShop. My album is nearly finished and includes tunes which are
col­lab­or­a­tions with other Nottingham producers Joe Buhdha and Lillica
Libertine.  It is a col­lec­tion of assembled sound waves found in bargain
bins and words stolen from the tele­vi­sion."
VERDICT: She almost lost us at 'Nottingham' but by the time she'd wound her way round to 'bargain bins' we were back on track. A worrying slip, but a graceful recovery.

RONIQUOTE: "To make my latest video for ‘Forget Yourself’ I traveled back to 1983 and filmed a Robotics con­ven­tion. The robot people, I think, are the best. They under­stand how to avoid con­ver­sa­tions."
VERDICT: 9/10.

RONIQUOTE: "My music is inspired by Meat Loaf's stare and Tupac's pout. I strung my first guitar with Diana Ross’s hair."
VERDICT: If Lady Gaga said this #tupac­spout would be trending on Twitter within twenty minutes. We think it still deserves to be, even though this was just a Roniquote.

RONIQUOTE: "Things I cannot do: keep a secret, talk about jazz, shuffle cards, find my phone."